Genelec 8050BPM

B&W 603 S3 – 3-Way Reflex Speaker with Audiolab 8000C Preamp & 8000P Amplifier



Neumann U87 Ai – Multi-Pattern Condenser

Neumann KM 184 – Cardioid Pressure Gradient Transducer Condenser – X2 (Matched Pair)

AKG 414 XLII – Multi-Pattern Condenser – X2 (Matched Pair)

Beyerdynamic MC 930 – Cardioid Condenser X2 (Matched Pair)

Sennheiser MD421-II – Cardioid Dynamic – X3

Shure SM7B – Cardioid Dynamic

Audio Technica AE2500 – Dual Element Cardioid Condenser/Dynamic

Audio Technica AT4033 – Cardioid Condenser – X2

Audio Technica AT4040 – Cardioid Condenser

Audix i5 – Cardioid Dynamic

Shure Beta 52 – Supercardioid Dynamic

Audio Technica ATM-25 – Hypercardioid Dynamic

Share Beta 91A – Half-Cardioid Condenser

Shure Beta 87A – Supercardioid Condenser

Beyerdynamic M422 – Supercardioid Dynamic

Beyerdynamic M420N – Hypercardioid Dynamic

Shure SM57 – Cardioid Dynamic – X3

Electro-Voice PL10 – Cardioid Dynamic



Universal Audio Apollo Quad 8P – 16 Inputs and 20 Outputs

Universal Audio Apollo Duo – 2 Inputs and 10 Outputs

Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt – QUAD Core DSP Accelerator

Advent ASP 880 – 8 channel microphone preamplifier & ADC

Apple MacBook Pro 15 Retina 16GB Ram


Plugins (Pre-Amp, Channel Strip and EQ)

Universal Audio – Neve 88RS Collection (Pre-Amp and Channel Strip)

Universal Audio – Neve 1073/1073SE Collection (Pre-Amp and EQ)

Universal Audio – API Vision Console Channel Strip (Pre-Amp and Channel Strip)

Universal Audio – UA 610-B Tube (Pre-Amp and EQ)

Universal Audio – Precision Mix Rack Collection (Channel Strip)

Waves – SSL E-Channel (Channel Strip)

Universal Audio – Maag EQ4® (EQ)

Universal Audio – Pultec EQP-1A Program Equalizer (EQ)

Universal Audio – Pultec MEQ-5 Mid-Range Equalizer (EQ)

Universal Audio – Pultec HLF-3C Cut Filters (EQ)

Universal Audio – Helios™ Type 69 (EQ)

Elysia – Museq (EQ)

Slate Digital – Virtual Mix Rack (EQ)

FabFilter – Pro-Q 2 (EQ)

Drumforge – DE-CLARIFY (EQ)


Plugins (Compressors and Limiters)

Universal Audio – Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor (VCA Compressor)

Universal Audio – SSL G Series Bus Compressor (VCA Compressor)

Universal Audio – Fairchild Tube Limiter 660 (VARI-MU Compressor)

Universal Audio – Fairchild Tube Limiter 670 (VARI-MU Compressor)

Universal Audio – 1176 Rev A Limiting Amplifier (FET Compressor)

Universal Audio – 1176 Rev E Limiting Amplifier (FET Compressor)

Universal Audio – 1176SE Limiting Amplifier (FET Compressor)

Universal Audio – dbx® 160 (VCA Compressor)

Universal Audio – Teletronix® LA-2A Silver Leveling Amplifier (OPTO Compressor)

Universal Audio – Teletronix® LA-2A Gray Leveling Amplifier (OPTO Compressor)

Universal Audio – Teletronix® LA-2 Leveling Amplifier (OPTO Compressor)

Brainworx – BX_Opto (OPTO Compressor)

FabFilter – Pro-DS (De-Esser)


Plugins (Effects, Special Processing and Mastering)

Universal Audio – EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator (Reverb)

Waves – TrueVerb (Reverb)

Waves – SuperTap (Delay)

Eventide – UltraReverb (Reverb)

Soundtoys – Little PrimalTap 5 (Twisted Little Delay)

Soundtoys – Little Radiator 5 (Modeled Classic Tube Mic Pre-Amp)

Soundtoys – Little MicroShift 5 (Classic Stereo Widening)

Soundtoys – Little AlterBoy 5 (Voice Alteration)

Soundtoys – Devil-Loc 5 (Audio Level Destroyer)

Brainworx – BX_Boom! (Enhance Kick Drum)

Brainworx – BX_Stereomaker (Enhance Stereo)

Brainworx – BX_Saturator V2 (M/S & Multi-Band Saturation)

Brainworx – BX_Shredspread (M/S Stereo Width & EQ for Guitars & Keys)

SPL – Transient Designer Plus (Dynamics)

SPL – Attacker (Dynamics)

SPL – De-Verb (Dynamics)

SPL – Mo-Verb (Dynamics)

Slate Digital – Trigger 2 (Drum Trigger)

WaveMachine Labs – Drumagog 5 Pro (Drum Trigger)

Universal Audio – Precision Multiband (Compressor)

Universal Audio – Precision Buss Compressor (VCA Compressor)

Universal Audio – Precision Maximizer (Mastering)

Universal Audio – Precision Enhancer Hz (Enhance)

Universal Audio – Precision EQ (EQ)

Universal Audio – Precision Limiter (Mastering)

Universal Audio – Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor (Mastering)

Universal Audio – Vertigo Sound VSM-3 Mix Satellite (Master and Mix Harmonic Generator)

Waves – Kramer Master Tape (Analogue Tape Emulation)


Amps and Cabs

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Trem-O-Verb – 100 Watt Valve Amp with 2×12” Speakers

Peavey 6505 – 120 Watt Valve Amp

Mesa Boogie Rectifier Horizontal Guitar Speaker Cab 2×12″

Fender Pro Reverb – 40 Watt Valve Amp with 2×12″ Speakers

Marshall Vintage 2266 – 50 Watt Valve Amp

Marshall 1960A – 300 Watt Switchable Mono/Stereo Angled Speaker Cabinet 4×12″

Marshall JCM 900 1936 Speaker Cabinet 2×12″

Ashdown Superfly 500 Watt Bass Amp

Ashdown ABM 600 Watt Speaker Cabinet 4×8″

Ashdown ABM 300 Watt Speaker Cabinet 1×15″



Pearl Export “1980’s” 5 Piece Drum Kit


Guitar Pedals and Pre-Amps

Marshall 9004 Pre-Amplifier

Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah-Wah

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff

Various Boss Pedals